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Finding Your Address

In the middle of the night when you or a loved one is in immediate need of Emergency Medical Services.  When seconds count, finding your address quickly can mean the difference between life and death.

When Fire Department crews are searching a street for a particular house in an emergency, it is often difficult to read addresses.  Sometimes the numbers are too small to see from the road, or are obscured by trees and other objects, or are painted a color too close to the color of the house and even in some cases are absent altogether.  Especially time-consuming to read are the handwritten numbers such as 'Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Eight'.

Clearly mark your home or business

The Williston Professional Firefighters have decided to offer these signs to the citizens of Williston at a minimal cost. The cost is ONLY $15!

  • Reflective Address Signs with large numbers make finding a residence during an emergency much faster.
  • Quality counts! Our signs are made of 100% aluminum from the U.S.A. so they will never rust. They are covered in high-grade reflective vinyl that is designed to last for many years.
  • They are made of the same reflective material and have the same color combination as standard street signs. All signs are pre-drilled, easy to install and are available in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Our signs comply with E-911 (9-1-1) standards and are endorsed by EMS, fire, police and rescue departments across the country.

Contact Local 4611 representative Prescott Nadeau about purchasing and obtaining the Reflective Address Signs at the Williston Fire Department Headquarters, 645 Talcott Rd, (802) 878-5622.

Click here to fill out an order form.

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